Medicare Coverage FAQ

Does Medicare Cover Adjustable Base Beds?

If you or someone you care about finds it difficult to comfortably and safely get in and out of a traditional bed, you have likely considered an adjustable base bed. Adjustable base beds can make life a little easier for people with illnesses or injuries that limit mobility. The question often asked is - Can I get financial help from Medicare for an adjustable base bed?

The answer depends on whether Medicare considers it an adjustable bed for comfort, or a hospital bed used for medical purposes. Hospital beds are prescribed by your doctor and meet strict criteria to qualify for Medicare coverage. Adjustable beds not sold by a Medicare supplier are usually excluded.​

Are You Eligible for Coverage?

To potentially get a hospital bed covered by Medicare Part B, you must:

  • Be enrolled in Medicare Part B.
  • Have your doctor determine that you medically need a hospital bed.
  • Have been under the care of a doctor for your condition who participates in Medicare, and you have been seen at least once in the last six months.
  • Need the bed for use at home, not in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Get the bed from a Medicare-approved supplier with a Medicare supplier number.
  • Have your doctor provide medical necessity documentation and a detailed DME order.

You also need a condition that makes daily activities, like changing position, getting in and out of bed, or sleeping, difficult. Health issues that often qualify include:

  • Severe arthritis or injury making movement hard
  • Neurological conditions, like ALS
  • Congestive heart failure needing elevation
  • Lung diseases, like COPD, which is made worse by lying flat
  • Back injury requiring traction equipment
  • Severe obesity affecting mobility

Your doctor decides if your condition makes a hospital bed a medical necessity. Medicare ultimately determines if coverage requirements are met.

Is the Dawn House Bed System Covered by Medicare?

The Dawn House bed system offers many therapeutic benefits to improve comfort and the quality of your sleep. It may be the best hospital bed alternative depending on your needs. Features like the adjustable base height, vibrating massage, optional support rail, underbed lighting, health monitoring, and zero gravity positioning can aid relaxation, reduce pain, and promote safer and better sleep. However, Medicare has stringent criteria for considering adjustable beds to be medically necessary durable medical equipment. The Dawn House bed system does not meet those requirements for Medicare reimbursement.

We encourage you to explore the Dawn House bed system to see if it is a helpful solution for your safety and sleep health. Our customer service team is happy to answer any of your questions and explain the features and benefits in more detail.

Most of all, we want to make sure you find the right bed to meet your needs and improve your comfort and quality of life.

Discover a new level of safety comfort and freedom.

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