Dawn House was founded to serve the evolving needs of people who envision for themselves a life full of vibrancy, and vigor – especially as they age.

We recognize, value and respect the dignity and independence they strive for in their lives, and use our knowledge and resources to support their dreams of another fulfilling day.

Award Winning

Dawn House is proud to share we have been honored with several innovation awards in 2023!

Living longer, better

People are living longer than ever before thanks to medical know-how, nutrition and better lifestyle choices. Dawn House is dedicated to supporting this ever-expanding cohort of “super-agers” and helping them maintain a lifestyle that’s as vibrant and independent as possible.

Great sleep is essential

Whether you’re 18 or 80, scientific understanding continues to underline the critical role sleep plays in the areas of brain function, cognitive ability and overall quality of life. Dawn House taps that knowledge and uses it to improve our products and support our customers.

Design makes a difference

Our deliberate use of innovative design and careful attention to aesthetics reflect our belief that such details very much matter to people who want to maintain an independent quality of life, connected to family and friends in their community.

More than 7 million beds sold

Our company founder pioneered adjustable bed technology decades ago and when you do something millions of times, you learn some important lessons about sustainability, resilience and best practices. It’s why they’re the global leader and Dawn House is proud to contribute to that legacy.

Based in Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara has a long history of holistic healing and wellness, and more recently, it has evolved into a center for innovative science and technology. It’s the perfect place to combine the science of sleep, brain function and long-term wellness with our dedication to helping people live vibrantly as they age.

Powered by Ergomotion

Our parent company, Ergomotion, is the undisputed global leader for innovation, safety and reliability in adjustable bed technology. They sell in 30 countries around the world and are the preferred partner to more than 170 major brands.

Over 1,500 customers have rated our customer support team with 4.9 our of 5 stars on average.

  • They were fantastic!  The customer service rep made my day, and her knowledge and promptness was incredible. I’m so glad to know there are people and companies in America that still do business this way."

  • Great service. My bed had a bad power supply and the service team had it figured out within minutes.  They made everything so easy that I was able to troubleshoot the problem and process the warranty with them over the phone.  The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

  • Ergomotion customer service sets an absolute gold standard for service. They really know their stuff and have correctly and quickly diagnosed my issues over the telephone and solved everything perfectly."

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