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The Dawn House Bed

The Dawn House bed is the best hospital bed alternative to support your care. The custom sleep system offers high/low adjustable height, optional support rail, underbed lighting, voice command and remote control, and health monitoring. All in a beautiful design you’ll be proud to have in your home.
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With the right bed, the rest is easy.

Head & foot articulation

Elevate the head or foot of the bed or raise both ends for the ultimate Zero-G positioning.

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Adjustable bed height

Raise or lower bed for ease in getting in, out of, or sitting on the bed.

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Underbed lighting

Motion-activated LED lighting for better visibility in low-light settings.

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Rise to wake

Set a time to gently raise the head of the bed as an alternative to an alarm clock.

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Health sensors

Passively monitor sleep cycles, vital health indicators and connects to the Dawn House bed mobile app.

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Anti-snore feature

Gently and automatically raises the head of the bed to alleviate the effects of snoring.

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Relaxation mode

Built-in oscillating motors promote relaxation, comfort and improved circulation.

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Optional Support Rail

Designed for those who like a little help getting in and out of bed, the rail moves in unison with any base adjustment.

Self-diagnostic tool

The bed can automatically run through its various functions to identify any issues and expedite technical service.

  • Voice Control 

    The voice console enables the bed to be controlled using simple voice commands. The console is also a wireless charging station for a smartphone.

  • Remote Control

    The wireless remote has an ergonomic design with high-contrast, soft-touch buttons that are backlit and easy to use – even in the dark.

  • Mobile App (iPhone & Android)

    The dedicated Dawn House App also includes controls for all bed functions in addition to providing information on sleep activity and other vital health factors.

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Purpose-built for perfect sleep

The premium Dawn House Mattress is designed to work seamlessly with the base and all its many features — it’s where the ultimate sleep experience comes together.

Washable Cooling Cover

Available in a range of sizes designed to fit the Dawn House mattress perfectly. Provides a layer of soft protection and maintains a consistently comfortable temperature.

Reactive Memory Foam

The spring-like feel of a traditional mattress paired with modern foam that contours to the body to provide optimal support and comfort for any sleep position.

Cooling Gel Poly Foam

Inherent properties of the gel foam help to regulate body temperature to allow for comfortable sleep in any climate.

 Patented Edge Support

The solid edge maximizes sleeping area and supports seating on the side of the bed or getting in and out of bed. It also provides stable support when leaning against or walking around the bed.

Support Foam 

Strategically positioned Articulated Movement Grooves enhance mattress flexibility and ensure seamless contouring when paired with the Dawn House adjustable base.

Flex-Air Channel Base

Open channels allow for airflow within the mattress which improves breathability, temperature stability and mattress shape retention.

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Hands down, the best bed I've ever slept in."

Brooks F.

Monitor sleep quality

The Dawn House Bed includes state-of-the-art, in-home wellness monitoring that passively measures key aspects of your sleep cycle and other vital indicators, such as snoring, heart rate and respiration, so you can identify patterns over time and better manage your health.

Sleep data is collected in the Dawn House App where you can identify trends in sleep patterns and other vital health indicators over weeks or months, or even send your data to family members to keep them in the know.

What you measure, you manage

While vital information is being gathered on a nightly basis, what's most useful is to be able to see the information over weeks or months and act on it.

The Dawn House App allows you to control your bed and view important health metrics like total sleep, sleep quality, respiratory rate and heart rate variability.

Share health reports with your loved ones, customize your bed settings and sync your bed with your smart home devices - all in the palm of your hand.

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  • Size, Weight & Capacity

    Base Dimensions

    Twin Long - 37.5" x 82"
    Full - 53.5" x 75"
    Queen - 59.5" x 82"

    King - 75" x 82"

    Split King - 75" x 82" overall

    37.5 x 82" each piece (2 pieces, vertically split)
    Includes 2 twin mattresses

    * Dimensions of each individual base may vary.

    Weight Limit

    700 lbs. - All bases will structurally support the recommended weight distributed evenly across the head and foot sections. Bases are not designed to support or lift this amount of weight in the head or foot sections alone.

    Headboard Dimensions

    Twin Long - 37.5" x 47" x 4”

    Full - 53.5" x 47" x 4”

    Queen - 59.5" x 47" x 4”

    King - 75" x 47" x 4”

  • Feature Details

    High Low - The bed adjusts in height from 10” minimum to 16” (without legs, no mattress)

    Anti-Snore - Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.

    Massage (Relax) - Pick from three levels of intensity. An automatic timer will turn the massage off after 10 minutes.

  • Technical Requirements

    iPhone or Android device
    Wi-Fi connectivity
    Power supply (120V, surge protector recommended)

    • Peak starting current 16 amps for 10ms
    • Operating current average 8 amps

    Manual & Instructions

    Download User Manual (PDF)

    Download Remote & Voice Control Guide (PDF)

    Download App Manual (PDF)
    Watch Setup Video