Dawn House Bed Delivery Process Overview

What to expect prior to delivery

  • When the shipment has been picked up, a courtesy email will be sent to you.  This email message includes your tracking number and Pilot/Maersk contact information.
  • The shipment can be tracked online at
  • Once the shipment has arrived at our delivery partner location, you will receive a call to schedule delivery.  The delivery will be in a 4-hour window.  
  • On the day of delivery, you can expect a call from the delivery team 30 minutes prior to arrival.

Items reviewed during the scheduling call

  • There must be someone at least 18 years of age available to sign and stay for the entire delivery process. 
  • During the call, please notify Pilot/Maersk if you need your old mattress and/or box springs hauled away (an additional fee will be charged).
  • The driver will call you approximately 30 minutes prior to the delivery.
  • A 2-person delivery team will be entering your home with your shipment and will assemble the Dawn House Bed. 
  • Be prepared to indicate where you would like them to place your shipment prior to their arrival. Please keep in mind the delivery team is not contracted to move furniture. 
  • Recognize the bottom of the shipment may be dirty. You can expect the delivery team to remove the product from the box outside your entryway or during inclement weather, please prepare an area within your home that has adequate protection from the box staining your floor or carpet. 
  • Please notify Pilot/Maersk if there are any stairs or anything else the delivery team should know prior to arriving on site.
  • Please inspect your shipment carefully before signing the delivery receipt. If the outside packaging looks rough, please DO NOT refuse the package, notate the condition of the packaging on the delivery receipt. The outside packaging is created to sustain wear and tear while protecting the inside product during transportation. Please do not refuse, but thoroughly inspect the contents to ensure the product is not physically damaged. If you do find any physical damage to the product, not the packaging, it is perfectly acceptable to refuse the delivery and notify your place of purchase immediately. 
  • Please make sure the person signing for the delivery fills out the questions on the delivery receipt.

Mattress and Accessory Delivery Overview

  • While mattresses purchased with a bed will ship via White Glove delivery along with the bed, any accessories or mattresses purchased by themselves will be shipped via FedEx.
  • Once the order has been processed, you will receive an email with your FedEx tracking number.
  • The shipment can be tracked online at

Frequently Asked Questions