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Innovative Bed Features

Head & foot articulation

Underbed lighting

Health sensors

Adjustable bed height

Rise to wake

Anti-snore feature

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Bed Features

Bed Functions Overview

Quick overview of bed articulation and underbed lighting.

Head & Foot Adjustment

Elevate the head or foot to read or relax or raise both ends for the ultimate Zero-G comfort position.

Adjustable Bed Height

Raise or lower mattress for ease in getting in, out of, or sitting on the bed.

Relaxation Mode

Built-in oscillating motors promote relaxation, comfort and improved circulation.

Underbed Lighting

Motion-activated LED lighting for better visibility in low-light settings.

Rise to Wake

Set a time to gently raise the head of the bed as an alternative to an alarm clock.

Health Sensors

Passively monitor sleep cycles, vital health indicators and connects to the Dawn House Bed mobile app.


Gently and automatically raises the head of the bed to alleviate the effects of snoring.

The Dawn House app – insights you can act on

Accessible from your smartphone or tablet, your vitals are easily visible in the Dawn House app. Share health reports with your loved ones, customize your bed settings and sync your bed with your smart home devices - all in the palm of your hand.

Track the trends that matter

While vital information is being gathered on a nightly basis, what’s most useful is to be able to see the information over weeks or months and act on it.

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