Sleep Better, Wake Refreshed with the Dawn House Smart Bed

Unlock the ultimate sleep experience. Enhance your quality of sleep with built-in health monitoring and a thoughtfully crafted bed that adapts to you, so you can get the best night's sleep every night.

  • Adjustable bed height allows you to safely enter and exit your bed
  • Personalized bed settings reduce snoring and improve sleep comfort
  • Live a vibrant life with sleep monitoring and health reports
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Sleep Enhancing Features

The Dawn House Bed’s luxury design and features connect seamlessly with
the app - it’s where the ultimate smart bed comes together to provide the optimal sleep experience.

Health sensors

Passively monitors sleep cycles and vital health indicators. Connects to the Dawn House bed mobile app, making your bed more than just an adjustable bed.

Head & foot articulation

The electric bed frame makes it easy to elevate the head or foot of the bed to read or relax, or raise both ends for the ultimate Zero-G positioning.

Adjustable bed height

The elevating bed raises or lowers the mattress for ease of getting in, out of, or sitting on the bed.

Underbed lighting

Motion-activated LED lighting for better visibility in low-light settings.

Anti-snore feature

Gently and automatically raises the head of the bed to alleviate the effects of snoring.

Rise to wake

Not only does the Dawn House Bed recline on command, you can also set a time to gently raise the head of the bed as an alternative to an alarm clock.

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  • Remote Control

    The wireless remote has an ergonomic design with high-contrast, soft-touch buttons that are backlit and easy to use – even in the dark.

  • Mobile App (iPhone & Android)

    The dedicated Dawn House App also includes controls for all bed functions in addition to providing information on sleep activity and other vital health factors.

  • Voice Control

    The voice console enables the bed to be controlled using simple voice commands. The console is also a wireless charging station for a smartphone.

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"The Dawn House bed has changed everything... The bed has all the features of a hospital bed and more while looking like a beautiful bed that compliments the style of an upscale bedroom." - Gary R.

  • "Hands down, the best bed I've ever slept in."

    Brooks F.

  • "Great nights of sleep are a new normal."

    Elizabeth K.

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Smart bed features in a stylish frame

The Dawn House bed offers premier health monitoring technology and a multi-way adjustable base for comfort all within a luxury design. Choose from two padded headboard colors, slate and ivory, or use your own headboard for your own style.

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and
wake in the morning with insights on your sleep health and from an eye-catching bed.

Monitor sleep quality

The Dawn House Bed includes state-of-the-art, in-home wellness monitoring that passively measures key aspects of your sleep cycle and other vital indicators, such as snoring, heart rate and respiration, so you can identify patterns over time and better manage your health.

Track What Matters on the Dawn House Bed App

Health data can be easily accessed through the Dawn House Bed App. Identify trends in sleep patterns and other vital health indicators over weeks or months. Even send your data to family members to keep
them in the know.

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