How the Dawn House Bed Works to Deliver Better Sleep

A first of its kind sleep system, offering distinctive bed features, settings and technology that allow you to take charge of your life.

  • Bed height adjustment and custom presets tailored to your preferred sleep experience
  • Non-contact sensors connect biometric data to the Dawn House App
  • Personalized Reporting allows you to monitor your health metrics.
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Collect Health Data

Our passive measurement technology allows you to track the health metrics that matter most to you. No uncomfortable cords, attachment points, or large monitor screens are needed to track health data. Your heart rate, snoring, respiration, total hours slept, and more is gathered every night and available in the palm of your hand.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Our head and foot articulation feature and thoughtful mattress design that both supports and contours the body provide the most comfortable sleeping positions so you can wake up feeling recharged and ready for your day without aches and pains.

Track Health Trends

Not only will you sleep better in the Dawn House bed, but you’ll receive vital health data delivered to your smartphone every morning. Track your health trends over days, weeks, and months so you can actively manage your health one night at a time.

Functionally rooted in sleep science

Your Dawn House bed includes state-of-the-art wellness monitoring. Health metrics are passively measured with built-in sensors that leverage the science of Ballistocardiography. The non-contact Ballistocardiogram (BCG) signals examine your heart’s ballistics with each heartbeat and breath, monitoring cardiac function and performance in addition to tracking sleep and sleep-disordered breathing. These signals are translated into the health metrics provided in the Dawn House app.

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I have owned this bed for several months now and I absolutely LOVE it! It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I have struggled with neck pain on other mattresses, but this one allows me to continue sleeping on my side with no issues. I love waking up feeling refreshed and pain free! - Mariel

Thoughtful Design

With soft rounded edges, an inset base for easier bed access, and a beautiful aesthetic, the Dawn House Bed has been intentionally designed for personalized comfort and style, promoting Aging Wellness™.

  • Close up of a man using the Dawn House remote

    Ergonomic Design and Function

    The remote features high-contrast, soft-touch buttons that are backlit and easy to use. The Dawn House puck doubles as a wireless device charging pad and voice activated remote control.

  • Full Bed Adjustability and Custom Presets

    Raise or lower the bed by voice command or remote for ease of getting in, out of, or sitting on the bed, and create custom bed positions with your remote for one-touch access.

  • Activating Underbed Lighting

    Activated manually with the touch of a button or automatically by a motion sensor, underbed lighting is there when you need it. The motion sensor can be easily toggled with a switch on the remote, ensuring you can select the option that best suits you.

What a game changer and so comfortable! I love my bed and the lifting feature is priceless! - Jacqueline

The Dawn House App

Available on smartphones and tablets, the Dawn House app takes intelligent health quality monitoring and packages it into daily Health Reports. These reports identify your daily averages, as well as track abnormally high or low respiratory, heart rate or heart rate variability metrics, that can be used to proactively inform health decisions and maintain a vibrant quality of life.

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Sleep well and wake up ready

From the patented edge support to reactive foam, the Dawn House Mattresses are custom designed for the system to deliver a deep, restful sleep that will leave you more energized to make the most of every new day.

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