Purpose-built for perfect sleep

The premium Dawn House Mattress is designed to work seamlessly with the base and all its many features — it’s where the ultimate sleep experience comes together.

Washable Cooling Cover

Available in a range of sizes designed to fit the Dawn House mattress perfectly. Provides a layer of soft protection and maintains a consistently comfortable temperature.

Reactive Memory Foam

The spring-like feel of a traditional mattress paired with modern foam that contours to the body to provide optimal support and comfort for any sleep position.

Cooling Gel Poly Foam

Inherent properties of the gel foam help to regulate body temperature to allow for comfortable sleep in any climate.

Patented Edge Support

The solid edge maximizes sleeping area and supports seating on the side of the bed or getting in and out of bed. It also provides stable support when leaning against or walking around the bed.

Support Foam

Strategically positioned Articulated Movement Grooves enhance mattress flexibility and ensure seamless contouring when paired with the Dawn House adjustable base.

Flex-Air Channel Base

Open channels allow for airflow within the mattress which improves breathability, temperature stability and mattress shape retention.

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Use your existing bedframe - or use ours

Some people want to keep their bedframe or bedroom set. The Dawn House Bed is designed to look great on its own, but it can also be used inside of most bedframes.

Recessed base

The Dawn House Bed is designed with a recessed base so that it is smaller in size than the mattress it supports. This allows it to be nested inside of an existing bedframe. 

Neutral color palette

Whether you choose Ivory or Slate, the Dawn House Bed colors easily blend with the décor of most any interior.

Universal headboard bracket

We’ll include a universal bracket to help ensure your headboard can be easily mounted in place.

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