Dawn House Featured in Sleep Retailer Magazine

Dawn House Featured in Sleep Retailer Magazine

Sleep Retailer is an established and trusted voice in the mattress and sleep product industry. They have been reviewing and testing out products for more than two decades and are a go-to source for industry news and innovative products in the bedding industry. This is why Dawn House is honored to be featured in the latest cover story for Sleep Retailer about Ergomotion.

While we have always had confidence in our mattress and sleep products, having an industry magazine provide this level of feedback and review was extremely encouraging. Dawn House is excited that our customers can get further peace of mind when reading the detailed assessment from Sleep Retailer. Of course, it can be hard to trust all reviews these days, which is why Sleep Retailer is committed to maintaining its credibility as an expert, third-party resource. They are focused on covering the latest products, technologies, and trends in the bedding and sleep marketplace. 


Innovative, Sleek & “Whisper-Quiet” Technology 

Talking about Ergomotion as an entire company (including Dawn House), Sleep Retailer said of our mission to elevate the adjustable bed base to a lifestyle product, “coupled with its sleek designs, whisper-quiet technology and innovative value-adds, that message has resonated throughout the bedding industry.”

They also pointed out an important market shift: previously considered a niche need or associated with “hospital beds”, adjustable bases have grown into a much more common health and wellness product that can be found within a majority of mattress and furniture stores. The difference in the Ergomotion’s Dawn House brand? We go the extra mile to include details and technology that are helpful and comforting to our clients, from our sleep and health monitoring app to our under bed lighting to our luxurious design and product style. 

What Sets Dawn House’s Sleep System Apart

As Sleep Retailer highlighted, we’ve put in years of research and industry expertise to develop this product. We are aware that sleep plays an impact on so many other areas of life and waking up feeling great takes so much more than going to bed on time. That is why we have designed our sleep system to be uniquely customizable for our customers, with a variety of product features and accessories that can be tailored to their ideal sleep setup. With Ergomotion’s industry experience behind us, we have harnessed advanced sleep technology and features that deliver customers a holistic sleep and wellness outcome. That is something we are deeply proud of. 

We know that aging is a process, and everyone is at a different part of that path. Unfortunately, we discovered that many people in this demographic were not being offered the level of sleep technology or products that they needed for overall health and wellness. That is why we developed our Dawn House brand to address this underserved consumer. Ultimately, our goal was to create a holistic sleep system that provided improved comfort during sleep, meaningful health monitoring and data, and better support so our customers wake up rested and recharged to take on the next day. Additionally, we knew that our adjustable bed base paired with our other safety features and health monitoring could allow for individuals to enjoy greater independence and peace of mind from the comfort of home. 

Sleep Retailer also pointed out the “aging at home” accessibility our array of features provide, including the “high-low” adjustability for ease getting in and out of bed, the motion-activated LED lights (for times such as going to the bathroom in the middle of the night), and many other features designed to minimize fall risks and other hazards for individuals as they age. They were especially impressed with our powerful technology that can be utilized by the customer to create a detailed picture of their health, all while they sleep or rest in bed. The non-invasive sensors are embedded into the sleep system, meaning the individual never has to wear any extra watch, ring, or tracker to sleep to get these helpful health insights. What are some of the health elements that can be tracked? Our technology can provide the customer data on everything from heart rate variability to overall sleep quality to respiratory rate -- all information they can utilize to make helpful health and wellness decisions or share with their doctor or loved one. 

“There’s a huge population that needs solutions like the Dawn House bed so that they can comfortably stay at home—and allow their loved ones to know how their health, wellness and sleep is doing without necessarily being there every night,”  said Giu Peres (President of Ergomotion’s Wellness Division) during the Sleep Retailer feature. 

Ergomotion Experience Behind Our Tailored Products

Dawn House addresses a wellness need that Ergomotion didn’t offer before: the sleep system that supports the ever-changing needs of aging consumers. We have developed our system to specifically meet the needs of these consumers -- to not just give them a great night’s sleep in a comfortable and luxury-level bed, but an informative snapshot of their health every time they rest in their Dawn House bed. That is what makes us a Sleep Retailer-approved product and something consumers deserve to have access to.

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