How Technology Is Reshaping the Health & Wellness Industry

How Technology Is Reshaping the Health & Wellness Industry

The health and wellness industry has undergone major growth and development in the past decade. In the last few years alone, there have been impressive breakthroughs in personal health monitoring technology. The accessibility of this technology has expanded, putting more and more control and awareness into the hands of the individual. 

While in the past there was greater investment in the sick-care system (hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices), there has been a shift towards personal wellness and home care. More people than ever are focusing on preventative wellness measures and utilizing a growing number of resources to invest in their own health monitoring. Instead of waiting to get medical evaluations and insights at the next doctor’s visit, more and more people have access to important health information from smartphones, home health devices, and other developments. 

Wearable Devices & Digital Health Apps Dominate

Wearable devices are one of the leading technology pieces that have changed the health and wellness industry. Before, knowing your own sleep patterns, whether or not your heart rate was steady during the night, or other medical insights would require extensive testing and monitoring through medical professionals. Now, it's as simple as slipping on a smartwatch, ring, bracelet, or even necklace.

This technology has developed like wildfire, covering everything from personal posture training to continuous glucose monitoring for diabetes. While some of the devices provide unique and helpful insights for improving wellness, others allow individuals to carefully monitor their health, preventing medical scares and the need for more extensive treatment. Overall, these wearable devices allow the individual to take charge of their own health in ways never thought possible. 

In addition to wearables, personal health tracking apps can often be synced up to allow users to have instant access and helpful evaluation of the data their devices are recording. This is revolutionary for many people who previously would wait days or even weeks to hear back on helpful medical insights. Digital health apps can also be used independent of wearables, making them dynamic tools for individuals who are serious about tracking their health and taking preventative measures.  

New Developments Born Out of a Trying Time  

There is no denying that the last few years have been uniquely challenging for the medical industry. The COVID-19 pandemic put excessive strain on medical professionals and health care systems, causing many in the industry to look for creative and innovative solutions for everyday health and wellness problems. 

While technology is constantly being developed and harnessed for the advancement of medical care and treatment, the last few years demanded new solutions. In one of the most challenging times in our nation’s recent history, technology was utilized creatively to better serve people in need of ongoing medical care. Remote doctor visits became a new norm, and more and more people learned how to harness digital health apps and devices to track their own health, from blood pressure to blood oxygen levels. 

The pandemic has in many ways pushed people and medical professionals to embrace expanding technology and digital resources like never before. People are realizing that many of the routine health checks they were going to a doctor’s office for can be done from the comfort and convenience of their own home. While growing technology is no substitute for ongoing healthcare, it does create more flexibility and independence for those often burdened by continual routine visits. Additionally, this data can be seamlessly passed on to a patient’s doctor, allowing them to safely monitor their health without that patient having to leave the house. Ultimately, this allows for greater efficiency and streamlined care within the healthcare system. 

Empowering You to Measure What Matters 

Whether it's an Apple Watch or the Dawn House sleep system, smart technology is changing the way we think about our own health and wellness. More importantly, it is changing our awareness and ownership of personal health. At Dawn House, we create products that utilize innovative technology to ensure our customers can access helpful health insights and make meaningful decisions and adjustments based on this information. 

We believe that the growing health and wellness technology is essential to each individual’s ever-changing healthcare approach. Having access to personalized, predictive measurements through our smartphone app makes personal care or care of a loved one an empowering process. When our customers simply lay their heads down at night (no watch, bracelet, or special wearable device required), they can sleep soundly and wake reenergized knowing our health monitoring system is sending useful insights straight to their smartphones. 

Whether you are using a holistic sleep system like ours or another medical device, the important thing is that you are able to measure what matters and use that information to make relevant and impactful decisions for your health. Having more ownership over your own health means more independence and greater peace of mind. Dawn House is excited to be a part of this new age in the health and wellness industry.

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