History of Dawn House

History of Dawn House

Why Dawn House Was Created 

While adjustable bed bases have been around since the 90’s, Ergomotion (our parent company) was a major pioneer in the development and design of adjustable bases for the last 15 years. Ergomotion has sold over 7 million beds and are the worldwide leader in technology, safety, innovation, and dependability when it comes to sleep systems. Their products have been recognized as the best on the market. 

Dawn House is built upon this legacy of life-changing sleep products with this overarching goal in mind: welcoming in a new wave of vibrant aging by connecting sleep, health, and wellness through our innovative sleep system. 

Most importantly, people come first for Dawn House. We are dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement because we understand first-hand that the needs of our customers are ever-changing. Our team accepts accountability and ownership over the mission of improving sleep and vibrancy of life for individuals as they age, and we know the integrity of our work and products shine through. 

A System Designed with Intention & Purpose 

Through personal experience, our founder Jack Tang recognized the overall value and quality of life that could be added by crafting products specifically designed for recognizing, monitoring, and adjusting to health needs through sleep. 

With his background in adjustable beds from Ergomotion, and desire to utilize developing health and wellness technologies, the idea of Dawn House was born. This is the heartbeat of our entire team. We are truly passionate about designing cutting-edge sleep systems centered on improving quality of life through better rest and healthy aging. 

The Dawn House team consists of professionals with in-depth experience in the senior living industry, mattress industry, tech industry, and design and product development. This was done with great intention by our founder, knowing that all these elements would be essential to creating products that would be truly life-changing and make a genuine difference in the lives of our customers -- not just another strong marketing pitch. 

Beautiful Designs & Innovative Wellness Technology

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, we also believe that design and aesthetics play a pivotal role in holistic wellness and quality of life. That is why we emphasize the way our products look and feel just as much as the functional sleep and innovative health monitoring features they provide. Dawn House adjustable beds are designed to enhance a room, not take away from the interior design efforts our customers have made. 

Our team at Dawn House is constantly developing our portfolio of products that utilize modern design while harnessing the power of technology to support and uplift our customers to live a vibrant life. We are proud that our products can provide greater independence and peace of mind to their families as well. Dawn House understands that the health abilities and needs of our customers are constantly evolving, which is why we crafted products for people who envision an active, vibrant life, well into their “senior” years. We recognize and respect the challenges and beauty brought on by aging, crafting solutions for those who want to safeguard their dignity and independence while maintaining a fulfilling life. 

While it may seem simple, we know that a night of truly restful sleep is essential to supporting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Scientific data backs up the powerful role sleep plays for areas such as brain function and cognitive ability. The Dawn House sleep system goes beyond offering a comfortable, customizable, and safe bed with countless unique features--we empower you with the ability to monitor your own health and make informed adjustments through our innovative built-in sensors. All these details have been purposefully incorporated into our sleep system to enhance wellness and improve the quality of each day for our customers.  

The Dawn House Name

We are all at risk of developing an unhealthy relationship with aging, often falling into the mindset that once you pass certain milestones, all that’s left is a sedentary and simple lifestyle. At Dawn House, we do not accept this perspective of aging. We are for those who embrace aging and welcome the new possibilities and joys this phase of life brings. 

When it came time to choose our company’s name, there was a mood and mindset we knew we needed to be defined by: positivity. That’s what Dawn House stands for--both in name and in our mission. It’s about constantly embracing this mindset along each step of life’s journey, always looking forward and welcoming the opportunities and innovations that come with every new day. Rise, Shine and Thrive is our motto! 

Dawn House empowers individuals to embrace aging with the positivity and vibrance needed to live each day to the fullest. We welcome the new age of wellness. 

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